Dexter Lumis Teases InDex Reunion At WWE NXT House Show

Could a romantic reunion of the popular couple InDex be on the cards? 

According to a tease on social media from Dexter Lumis, it certainly could be, as he shared one of his drawings to promote an upcoming "WWE NXT" live event which is taking place in Jacksonville, Florida on December 2nd. He also shared a link to buy tickets for the show, which has got fans speculating online that he could be returning to his old stomping grounds to make an appearance. 

Weddings in wrestling normally lead to a disaster, but that wasn't the case when Lumis and Indi Hartwell tied the knot, but the two have been kept apart ever since Lumis was released by WWE. While he has since returned to the company, he is now part of the main roster, having defeated The Miz earlier this week to earn an official "WWE Raw" contract after months of mental torture from him to the A-Lister. 

Even though Lumis and Hartwell are currently not part of the same brand, the love is very much still there between them. That was showcased on the 8/23 episode of "NXT" when Lumis made a surprise appearance where they got to embrace in the middle of the ring. They were then shown backstage where another drawing was highlighted as Lumis left the message "Goodbye Indi (For Now...) I [heart symbol] You Forever."

The next meeting between them could be taking place at the upcoming live event, but it is not confirmed that Lumis will be making an appearance, or if he will be competing inside the ring on the show. However, the official "WWE NXT" Twitter page also shared the video, adding to the tease that he will be part of the event.