Dexter Lumis Makes Dramatic Return To WWE NXT

A night after choking out and kidnapping The Miz on "WWE Raw" in Toronto, Dexter Lumis made his way back to his old stomping grounds — "WWE NXT" — to reunite with Indi Hartwell, his former kayfabe wife.

The InDex reunion happened after Hartwell lost to Blair Davenport in a rather quick match, and was kicked to the outside by Davenport. For nearly ten minutes, Hartwell remained on the outside as Davenport called out NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, and was confronted by both Rose and NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura. 

After a commercial break, Wade Barrett pointed out how Hartwell was still laying on the outside. Hartwell would then grab the microphone to lament her recent streak of misfortune and heartbreaks, making a reference to both Lumis and Persia Pirotta, her former tag team partner, being released by WWE on April 29.

"So this is what rock bottom feels like, huh? It sucks," Hartwell said." And no disrespect to Blair Davenport, she's probably going to unify the NXT Women's titles and take it to NXT Europe." 

"I'm the problem, It's always been me," Hartwell continued. "Four months ago, I took a long look in the mirror. I was going to reach for the stars, reignite my career. But here I sit four months later in the same position."

At this point, Lumis appeared in the background, to the delight of both the NXT fanbase and Hartwell. After they embraced in the middle of the ring, Lumis carried Hartwell to the backstage area.

InDex Reunion Is Short-Lived

Just as it appeared InDex was alive and well, Lumis handed a letter to Hartwell, kissed her again, and walked away. The cameras then zoomed into the letter, revealing the words: "Goodbye Indi (For Now...) I [heart symbol] You Forever."

Lumis was then seen being taken away by cops — presumably for his actions on "WWE Raw" over the past few weeks. Lumis has invaded the Red Brand show three weeks in a row, causing a backstage car accident, jumping the rail during AJ Styles' matches, and most recently kidnapping The Miz.

A potential InDex reunion was teased on last week's "NXT Heatwave" special, too, when Hartwell received a letter with the text "InDex Forever" and a big red heart on the back.

It appears Lumis will be portraying an anti-hero/babyface character on the main roster. The manner in which WWE has booked him this week definitely indicates as much. There are still a lot of unanswered questions as it pertains to his storyline with The Miz and AJ Styles, and the reason he has targeted them since returning to the WWE. One theory doing the rounds is Lumis attacked The Miz on "WWE Raw" to send a message to Styles, his original target.

With Johnny Gargano, Theory and Lumis already on "WWE Raw," and Hartwell hinting that she's done with NXT, fans on social media are hoping for a potential reunion of The Way on the main roster. Gargano and Theory teased a reunion Monday before Gargano nailed a superkick on his former protégé.