QT Marshall Sends Thanks Ahead Of First AEW Singles Title Match

It's safe to say that if you were to poll the AEW fanbase, QT Marshall would most likely not be included in the category of most popular AEW wrestlers. But despite all the "QT sucks" chants, the long-time veteran and trainer receives on either "AEW Dynamite", "AEW Rampage", and so on, Marshall is sitting pretty right now, only a few hours away from a big title match on "Rampage."

On Friday afternoon, the leader of The Factory took to Twitter to offer a message for the dozens and dozens of QTManiacs out there who had offered their support during his big week.

"Thank you to everyone who called, sent texts or dms congratulating me on my first singles Championship match tonight on AEW Rampage," Marshall tweeted. "I feel just as much excitement as all of you! 12/2/2022 – A New All-Atlantic Champion is crowned!"

While this is in fact Marshall's first singles title match during his three-year AEW career, it's not his first AEW title match overall. Along with the aforementioned Rhodes, Marshall challenged for the AEW World Tag Team Championships on "AEW Dynamite" all the way back in June 2020. Unfortunately for Rhodes and Marshall, then called the Natural Nightmares, the duo came up short against then champions Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Adam Page, who emerged victorious.

While Marshall will be busy tonight with the All-Atlantic Champion, Orange Cassidy, other members of his Factory stable will be busy too. Cole Karter, the young, upstart Factory member who for sure has more than two dimes in his pocket, will also be in action, going one-on-one with Darby Allin, who Karter attacked weeks ago on "Dynamite."