Jake Roberts Calls AEW Tag Team Star 'Underrated'

2022 has been a stand-out year for Dax Harwood, with many people such as CM Punk claiming that he has been the wrestler of the year. Harwood has continued to dominate the tag team landscape alongside Cash Wheeler, while he has also had many major singles opportunities such as on "AEW Dynamite" last week when he faced Bryan Danielson in a first-time-ever encounter. 

Even though Harwood has been soaking in the plaudits from fans, on the latest episode of "The Snake Pit," Jake Roberts said that, "Dax is underrated by all," as he went on to praise the work he put in against the American Dragon.

"I think for him and Danielson to go out there and give it all that, these guys are old school. I'm not old school, I'm from the school that burnt down before they built the old school. But those two guys are old school and when they get in the ring they're not playing," he said. "They're going for it and I love that."

Roberts admitted he was in a "very dark place" last Wednesday due to an incident with his car, but the match that Harwood and Danielson had helped boost his spirits. There was only one setback for him with that encounter, and that was that he couldn't be present to see it in person.

"I just wished I'd have been there, that way I could have felt the energy that was inside that building with the fans, even the talent," Roberts said. "I guarantee the talent was glued to the set somewhere going, 'Oh my god,' because there's just no way you can compete with that. When you're watching the best, you're watching the best. You may think you are, but you're not."

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