Alicia Atout Credits WWE Star For 'All In' Involvement And Confidence Boost

Backstage interviewer and wrestling manager Alicia Atout has built up quite a career for herself over the past several years, working for companies like AEW and Ring of Honor in addition to her current position at MLW. Speaking with Wrestling Inc.'s Dominic DeAngelo, Atout credited WWE star Cody Rhodes for helping her get interviews with Ring of Honor talent for her YouTube channel, taking her career to the next level.


"He's just always been in my corner, and I'm so grateful for that," Atout said. "Because if it weren't for him and me doing those early Ring of Honor interviews with him and the Bucks and Kenny [Omega], I don't know if I ever would've gotten that. I probably wouldn't have gotten that position if we didn't connect. So I'm so grateful for them. And I say this over and over like a broken record, but I always will be because I feel like I owe a big part of my career and just confidence to him."

Atout also revealed that Rhodes helped her get a position at AEW, where she had a prominent interview spot during the company's inaugural Double or Nothing pay-per-view in 2019. Eventually, Atout would decide to move on from AEW, choosing to sign with MLW later that year.


In addition to hosting "MLW Insider" each week on the company's streaming platform, Atout acts as a manager alongside Richard Holliday as part of "The Clout Couple." The pair shockingly turned heel earlier this year on MLW programming, and have been a top act in the company since. Atout also signed a contract extension with MLW in April, ensuring she'll be with the company in the immediate future.