MLW owner Court Bauer recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Founder Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about working with Alicia Atout. He took the time to praise her work, claiming she always manages to knock it out of the park.

“No, I mean anytime we’ve given her something from interviews to doing control center, to doing live stuff in front of the crowd, she just knocks it out of the park. She’s what you call a one-take Jake,” he said. “She’s so fast, and so quick, quick study on something you give her, pressure doesn’t apply to her, she just crushes it every time.”

While Alicia Atout has thrived with MLW, Court Bauer made it clear that it is not the case for everyone. He believes that some people need to be hand-held throughout their segment. That has not been the case with Atout, as she makes his job a lot easier.

“She came into the company with this real incredible broadcast pedigree, she just had it,” he said. “Sometimes there’s talent, and it happens with every company I think. I remember as a kid with ECW, you see talent go through and then you see them go somewhere else, and they’re just not hitting it. They’re just not connecting, and all of a sudden they’re looking exposed.

“Sometimes the machine, the people behind the scenes, you’re kind of like a ventriloquist act, and you’re like Jim Henson with a Muppet or something, and you have to really hold their hand. You’re feeding them the words, and they’re repeating them, and you’re doing it over, and over again.

“With Alicia, it’s nothing like that, she is just, ‘here’s the concept, here’s where we are going, let’s crank it up to 20,’ and she does, and she kills it. When you’re working with great talent, my job’s easier, the fans get a better experience, and the talent has a great time. She has been awesome.”

When it comes to creating storylines, Court Bauer believes that anytime reality can be reflected is a good thing. He spoke about the infamous Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy love triangle storyline as an example of that, and compares it to the relationship with Atout and Richard Holliday, who will challenge MLW Champion Alex Hammerstone for the title this Friday at MLW Kings of Colosseum.

“Whenever you can have a reflection of reality, it really clicks,” he said. “When I was at WWE, a great story was the controversy with Edge and Lita at the time. How it became this messy, public thing. But it turned Edge from a guy that was knocking on this glass ceiling trying to break through, real-life just propelled him, and propelled Lita into the stratosphere with WWE.

“They never both looked back, they were always talented, great talent. But it was the circumstances, and the undeniable chemistry, and spark they had in reality that just transferred on TV. I see a similar thing with Holliday and Lita.”

MLA Kings of Colosseum ’22 takes place this Friday, May 13th at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, and features an MLW Fusion TV taping. Tickets are available at

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