Former WWE Official Questions Dexter Lumis' Booking On Raw

Last week Dexter Lumis earned an official "WWE Raw" contract, as well as all the money that The Miz owed him, and this Monday he wasted no time in splashing that cash as he entered JBL's poker tournament. This saw him involved in segments with the likes of Baron Corbin, Alpha Academy, and The O.C. which were primarily done for comedic purposes to provide some lighter moments in the show. 


While many fans enjoyed having Lumis involved, on his latest "Reffin Rant" former WWE official Jimmy Korderas made it clear that "some guys should be left out of comedy segments," and for him, Lumis is in that category.

"I love fun and comedy segments in wrestling as much as anybody, but the right people have to be involved, and sometimes, you get the wrong people involved in these comedy segments, and we saw one last night," he said. "Someone like a Dexter Lumis, after all, we've seen from him, stalking The Miz and all that stuff, and being this really scary individual, I don't think he fit in with that scenario." 

Lumis had originally been stalking Miz because the A-Lister paid to make that happen, but then when he stopped the former "WWE NXT" star continued anyway. That character development is why Korderas thinks "he shouldn't have been involved" in the poker tournament, but during his time in "NXT," he did showcase a lot of comedy work, particularly with his InDex romance.


"I know people are saying, 'that's the funny thing about it, he's the guy that's crazy, he's nuts, and he's involved in the tournament, and he's winning it,'" he said. "Still, I don't think it works for him, some guys should be left out of comedy segments."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Reffin Rant" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.