Conrad Thompson Disputes Booker T's Claim He Offered Him A 'Last Match'

There was never an offer on the table for Booker T to participate in a "Last Match" promoted by Conrad Thompson, the promoter said.

In an exclusive new interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Thompson refuted the claim that he had talks with the WWE Hall of Famer about having a retirement match this summer akin to Ric Flair's farewell match.

"They didn't exist," Thompson told Wrestling Inc. "I never approached Booker about having a last match, but I think as you and I are talking, Booker's wrestling this weekend for his promotion. I think the world of Booker and I respect Booker, but I've never had a conversation with Booker about doing a last match. Not once."

In August, Booker said he was approached about Harlem Heat (Booker's tag team with his brother, Stevie Ray) having a farewell match at next year's Starrcast but he said "hell no."

Thompson said he respects the former world champion, but after a "miscommunication" regarding an appearance he says Booker agreed to make at Starrcast 3 in 2019 became public, the promoter said, "I don't imagine Booker T and I will be doing any business together in the future."

"[The miscommunication] doesn't take anything away from my respect for Booker and what he did in the ring, or his great podcast, or his great promotion," Thompson said. "He's great friends with Bruce Prichard, 10 out of 10 human being. But when it came down to it, he didn't feel like he should do an event that had any sort of [an] AEW involvement. And I totally respect and appreciate that, but I don't imagine that there will be a Booker T's 'Last Match' that I promote."