MJF To Attend UFC 282 This Weekend

MJF looks to be in a fighting mood this weekend. Coming off a fiery segment with Ricky Starks on "AEW Dynamite," ESPN's Marc Raimondi tweeted that MJF will be at UFC 282 this Saturday. But, there's a sense that he might be there to do more than just watch. One match from the card involves a bout between UFC lightweights Jared Gordon and Paddy Pimblett, and MJF has beef with the latter.


Pimblett and MJF had a heated exchange on social media a couple weeks ago. Pimblett called MJF out for having no knowledge about MMA. Naturally, the AEW World Champion didn't take too kindly to that, going as far as to call Pimblett a "dollar store Conor McGregor." Pimblett has been making a name for himself in the UFC. He's undefeated in the promotion so far and each of his UFC matches were awarded "Performance of the Night." So the English mixed martial artist is not one to be messed with. The conversation elevated to a point where they challenged each other to a fight.

Pimblett is from England and AEW will have a show in the United Kingdom in 2023. So the set up is there but it's all a matter of making things official, which would have to be worked out between UFC President Dana White and AEW CEO Tony Khan. So MJF's appearance at UFC 282 this weekend is likely not by chance. He could be there to work out fight logistics with White, confront Pimblett personally, or possibly both. Whether we'll see MJF in the octagon or Pimblett in a ring is yet to be determined.