Karrion Kross Calls Fan Support After His First Main Roster Debut 'Completely Inescapable'

At this time last year, things looked a lot different for current "SmackDown" star Karrion Kross. In November 2021, he was released by WWE after an underwhelming run on the main roster that followed a successful stint in "NXT." Of course, by the time Kross had graduated to the main roster, Scarlett was nowhere to be seen, and she had played a large role in what made his presentation so special. That all changed this past August, however, when WWE' Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque brought back both Kross and Scarlett on an episode of "SmackDown," ultimately leading to a feud with Drew McIntyre.

Not only that, but the "NXT" version of Kross had returned. His presence and presentation, complete with Scarlett, his wife, by his side, had mended everything. In the year he was gone, fans did not forget about him or his unfortunate main roster run on "Raw." In fact, many went out of their way to tell him exactly that.

"The support was everywhere. It was completely inescapable," Kross told USANetwork.com. To say the two-time champion in "NXT" wasn't the same threat during his brief time on "Raw" would be an understatement. He lost his debut match to Jeff Hardy in a matter of seconds, ultimately going through countless creative changes before his eventual release.

Fast-forward to the present, and it's all gone the other way for Kross. He beat McIntyre and now has Rey Mysterio in his sights. Through it all, the fans supported him. "I would be grocery shopping, at the gym, in the airport, in a parking lot, at a restaurant," he continued. "Literally everywhere I went, I was always approached by dozens of people at least every week and they were expressing how upset they were about all of that."