Result Of The Briscoes Vs. FTR At ROH Final Battle

FTR and The Briscoes completed their trilogy on December 10 at Ring of Honor's Final Battle pay-per-view. The four men clashed in a Double Dog Collar match for FTR's ROH World Tag Team Championship, and the trend of championships changing hands continued with this bloody bout.

Dax Harwood was chained to Mark Briscoe, while Cash Wheeler was tethered to Jay. As the teams went back and forth, referee Mike Posey was taken out of the bout after Jay pulled him in the way of a chair shot that busted him open. In the closing moments, Jay hit Harwood with a superplex onto a pile of chairs in the ring. Jay then wrapped the chain around Dax's face and pulled back until he passed out. The new referee called for the bell as Mark held back Wheeler from breaking it up.

The Briscoes are now 13-time ROH World Tag Team Champions, ending FTR's reign at 253 days. Harwood and Wheeler captured the titles for the first time at ROH Supercard of Honor in April when they defeated Mark and Jay in their first-ever encounter. The clash was hailed as an early "match of the year" contender, which set up a rematch in July. At ROH Death Before Dishonor, FTR once again defeated The Briscoes, but this time in a two-out-of-three falls match that headlined the pay-per-view.

Ahead of Final Battle, FTR had been feuding with The Gunns. Austin and Colten Gunn made a surprise appearance after the Double Dog Collar match to attack FTR until The Briscoes made the save. Once The Gunns were cleared out, FTR and The Briscoes all raised their hands to celebrate the three matches they put on this year.