Result Of The Inaugural Men's Iron Survivor Challenge At NXT Deadline

WWE NXT Deadline featured the introduction of a new match-type: the Iron Survivor Challenge. The women's and men's divisions each had a match to crown new number one contenders to NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose and NXT Champion Bron Breakker, respectively. The rules for the Iron Survivor Challenge call for the match to have a 25-minute time limit with a new competitor joining every five minutes until all five participants have entered. Until the timer runs out, the goal is to score the most falls with each fall representing a point. If a competitor is pinned or submitted, they lose a point and spend 90 seconds in a penalty box.


The men's Iron Survivor Challenge took place in the semi-main event of NXT Deadline. JD McDonagh and Axiom started the match until Carmelo Hayes entered and scored the first fall by pinning Axiom. Grayson Waller came in next and stole two falls over McDonagh and Axiom after they were already wiped out on the mat. Axiom scored two falls as Joe Gacy joined the fray and picked up a fall of his own. Before long, Axiom, Hayes, Waller, and Gacy were all tied with two falls, while McDonagh still had zero.

Waller took the lead by pinning Axiom with under a minute to go. Hayes chased Waller around the ring, but it was no use as the clock hit 25 minutes. Waller was named the winner of the inaugural men's Iron Survivor Challenge, and the new number one contender to the NXT Championship. It remains to be seen when Waller will receive his title shot.