Dax Harwood Shows Off His Knots Following ROH Final Battle

When a warrior goes to battle, there are bound to be a few battle scars afterward. Considering the war that FTR and the Briscoes went through during Ring of Honor's "Final Battle," it's a wonder that Dax Harwood isn't looking more banged up than he is.


During ROH's final pay-per-view of 2022, Harwood and Cash Wheeler put their ROH Tag Team Championships on the line against Jay and Mark Briscoe in a double dog collar match. The incredibly brutal contest got so intense that even the referee got color by the end. Unfortunately, FTR failed to retain their titles against the battle-tested ROH Hall of Famers. However, they didn't go down without a fight, which certainly shows. After the match, Dax the Ax tweeted a selfie from his seat on the plane as he headed home that showed off some of the lumps and bruises on his face as a result of their latest run-in with the veterans from Sandy Fork, Delaware. The former champion also highlighted his "one of these things is not like the other" situation by saying, "Sitting in first class with all these business men, 5 knots on my forehead LFG."


This has been a particularly difficult week for FTR. Despite having banger matches and living up to their 7-Star FTR moniker, they still ended up losing the ROH Tag Team Championships on Saturday afternoon, after failing to capture the AEW Tag Team Championships from The Acclaimed on the December 7, 2022, edition of "AEW Dynamite." Although, the dominant tandem can still be considered Top Guys as they are currently still the reigning and defending AAA and IWGP Tag Team Champions. Even after the loss of one set of coveted belts, there's no doubt that they'll fight even harder to keep their remaining ones.