The Jerishow: Chris Jericho And The Big Show Were A Tag Team To Remember

While the old trope of pairing up two singles stars together to form a tag team has worn out its welcome for most fans, there are always exceptions to this rule. The tag team of Chris Jericho and The Big Show, known together as Jeri-Show, stands out as one such exception. The two had a relatively short but dominant run through the WWE tag team division from 2009 through 2010, capturing the company's unified World and WWE Tag Team Championship, and even eventually main-eventing a pay-per-view against D-Generation X — a rarity for a tag team bout.


The partnership between the two began at Night of Champions 2009. Heading into the show, Jericho and Edge held the unified Tag Team Championship. However, a torn achilles tendon would force the company to devise a storyline to write Edge out of the match. It was soon revealed that Jericho had a stipulation put into his contract that would allow him to choose a new partner. However, Jericho decided to keep the knowledge of his partner secret until the night of the show, when they were set to defend the titles against Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.).

When the night finally arrived, Jericho and Big Show made relatively quick work of Rhodes and DiBiase, retaining the Unified Tag Team Championship and making the team between the two official.


The Reign of Jericho and Big Show

Following their title victory, Jeri-Show would feud against the likes of Crime Tyme, MVP and Mark Henry, and the similarly strange pairing of Batista and Rey Mysterio. All of these matches would see Jeri-Show come away victorious, holding on to the Unified Tag Team Championship. The night after their victory against Batista and Mysterio, however, Jericho and Big Show would be confronted by their biggest challenge yet.


The October 5, 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw saw Jeri-Show suffer a loss against D-Generation X, the duo of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The feud between these two star-studded teams would eventually lead to a brutal main event match at TLC in December of 2009 — the night when the duo's luck would finally run out with the loss of their championship.

Jeri-Show would face off against DX several more times in the weeks following TLC, with their final match featuring a stipulation that Jericho could no longer appear on "WWE Raw" if Jeri-Show lost. They did lose, and that brought an end to the partnership between Jericho and Big Show — at least for the time being.

In the years following their initial pairing, Jeri-Show has reunited several times, with their last team-up coming during a 2016 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Though it seems likely that Big Show has retired from in-ring action, both men now call AEW their home, leaving some hope that another reunion between the two could be a possibility in the future.