Karrion Kross Reveals One Of The First WWE Stars To Reach Out After Release

While Drew McIntyre has publicly declared his rage against Karion Kross, off-camera the Scottish wrestler went out of his way to provide moral support when Kross was let go from WWE in November 2021.

During an appearance on "Cheap Heat," Kross revealed that McIntyre was "one of the first people who actually called me when I got released."

"He basically told me, 'I know how good you are, you know how good you are, the fans know how good you are,'" Kross said, adding that McIntyre told him to "'go out there and shove this up their ass and make them call you back.'"

Kross said that when he and his wife/manager Scarlett were brought back to WWE in August, McIntyre came on the bus where the couple was hiding prior to their surprise reappearance on "SmackDown."

"I gave him a big hug," Kross said. "We just laughed. He was like, 'That was quick.'"

Although McIntyre and Kross are at odds with each other on television — Kross' return to WWE was capped by his slamming McIntyre's head against the steel ring steps — Kross praised him as a co-worker.

"I would work with Drew McIntyre seven days a week," he said. "He has such an excellent ear for the audience ... he can feel where the crowd is going before they're even there. I don't know if that's going to translate to people who don't wrestle, but he just he understands his audience. He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met."

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