Jim Ross Has High Praise For ROH Final Battle Match

ROH had their final pay-per-view of 2022, Final Battle, this past Saturday — an event that saw multiple title changes such as Claudio Castagnoli becoming the new ROH World champion. The ROH World Tag Team Championship match saw the end of a nearly year-long rivalry between FTR and The Briscoes, with FTR winning their two previous matches. The Briscoes were finally able to defeat FTR, with this match being a Double Dog Collar match, and won the ROH World Tag Team Championships. 

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross shared his thoughts on the bloody battle between the two teams. "The match of the night, or the afternoon as it were, was the Dog Collar tag match," Ross said appearing on "Grilling JR." "It was just absolute unbelievable ... It was a piece of art. It was crafted amazingly. They gritted their teeth. They did what they had to do. Tons of blood, whether or not you like that, that was what was there. So, I thought these guys did a terrific job telling a story."

Ross continued his praise for their Dog Collar match, along with their two previous encounters. "Those are the kind of matches you look at in amazement," Ross said. "Their effort, their heart, their soul, it was very, very important to those guys to score the match of the night and they did that quite frankly."

Dax Harwood of FTR has had a career year, both in the tag and singles divisions. Ross discussed his thoughts on Harwood and those who were not a fan of blood in the Dog Collar match. "Smart guy, understands the business very well," Ross said. "Some are going to say 'It's too bloody.' Well, what did you expect a Dog Collar match to be? Do you know? A trading of headlock?"

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