Arn Anderson Clarifies Retirement Plans

As reported earlier, during a Zoom chat with members of, AEW star and WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson was asked about his plans for 2023, to which he replied that he is "just going to plan on a year and a half from now being retired from the business."

Tuesday evening, Anderson released a statement on Twitter to clarify those earlier comments about retiring in 2023 that he made during the Zoom chat.

"Just to be clear, I am under contract with AEW for another year and a half. I hope to be able to repay Tony (Khan) for having Brock (Anderson) and I as a part of AEW and I have many friends who work there," Arn Anderson wrote. "I misspoke when I said 2023. If I created any incorrect narrative, I apologize. The truth is, I would like to be around for as long as I can contribute to the business, and am still having fun. I'm sure the article in question didn't spark mass panic, but I just wanted to clear up my mistake. I believe a person's word means something, even in our crazy world."

"The Enforcer" has been with AEW since 2019, when he made his debut at the All Out pay-per-view alongside former AEW star and current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. Since then Anderson has managed his son Brock and former Nightmare Family member Lee Johnson. As of late, both he and his son have had little to no TV time, which Anderson has commented about recently, noting how it's hard for Khan to get everyone on TV because of the size of the AEW roster.