Backstage WWE Reactions To Vince McMahon Attempting Comeback

The latest Wall Street Journal bombshell on Vince McMahon revealed that two more women – including former WWE referee Rita Chatterton – have filed sexual misconduct/assault lawsuits against the former WWE Chairman.


However, the report included another interesting bit of information, quoting a source as saying that McMahon "intends to make a comeback" to WWE and that he "received bad advice from people close to him" regarding his retirement in July 2022. The report added that McMahon believes "the allegations and investigations would have blown over" had he stayed put with the company, and that he made an abrupt decision by stepping away from WWE.

Soon after the WSJ report dropped Tuesday, Fightful Select spoke with "over a dozen staff, talent and employees" within WWE, and the common consensus was that McMahon's reported desire to return was not a mutual or reciprocal feeling.

One WWE talent, who admittedly had a positive relationship with McMahon prior to his departure, referred to the news as "exhausting," and was hopeful that McMahon's WWE tenure was in the rearview. Another talent was particularly concerned for the scores of talents re-hired under Triple H's watch – the likes of Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Mia Yim and Karrion Kross – in the event that McMcMahon were to return.


Meanwhile, a WWE higher-up wasn't nearly as concerned, and pointed to WWE's stock price, television ratings and general morale recovering following McMahon's exit.

"It would be a really selfish move for Vince to come back under any circumstances," the WWE higher-up told Fightful. "The reason he left, how business has done since then — it'd be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place." 

The higher-up also dismissed the possibility of a McMahon comeback, despite McMahon holding voting power within WWE's board of directors.

Similarly, a longtime WWE staffer felt McMahon's family would "actively encourage him to remain retired" since McMahon's return "would do irreparable damage to the WWE brand."