Matt Cardona Addresses Whether AEW Offered Him A Contract

Matt Cardona has taken the independent scene by storm over the last couple of years. Following his WWE release in 2020, the first place he appeared for was AEW. Cardona worked two televised matches that summer, including an eight-man tag team match at AEW All Out. However, the self-proclaimed Internet Champion hasn't appeared for the promotion since as he went on to debut in IMPACT, NWA, and GCW, among others. During a recent appearance on "Insight," Chris Van Vliet asked Cardona about his short-lived AEW run.


"Well, I mean, the AEW thing, listen, it's not like they offered me a deal and I turned it down. That's not what happened," Cardona said. "What happened? I don't exactly know. I did a couple shows there. I thought I was gonna be offered something. I wasn't. Okay, now I gotta move on, you know? I just don't want to be tied down anywhere." Cardona discussed how he was with WWE for 14 years and his free agency gave him the opportunity to explore other ventures outside the ring including his "Major Wrestling Figure" podcast and participating in "The Last Match" musical.

Since his WWE departure, Cardona has worked over 120 matches across the globe. Along the way, he became the second IMPACT Digital Media Champion, he beat Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship, and dethroned Trevor Murdoch to hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for over 100 days. As of late, Cardona has teased his return to WWE despite being open about the freedom he has as a freelancer.