Matt Cardona Issues Statement Regarding WWE Rumors - Exclusive

With today's rumors about Matt Cardona making a move back to WWE, as well as the company's reported interest in his wife and former "NXT" star Chelsea Green, Cardona has released a statement exclusive to Wrestling Inc., clearing the air and revealing that, while he is open to a return, the former NWA Heavyweight World Champion has a lot going on as it is right now.

"Being the star of the Last Match Musical, host of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, and 13th Best Wrestler in the world keeps me very busy," Cardona said. "However, I'm Alwayz Ready for any opportunity."

Along with the report about Green, Cardona's tweet regarding a rematch between himself and Drew McIntyre stirred up talk among wrestling fans that the former Zack Ryder might be interested in a return to his old stomping grounds. Cardona was released back in April 2020 alongside a number of other talents, including Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who recently made their own return to WWE.

Cardona is often recognized as one of the first wrestling stars to build support around his internet presence. In 2011, Cardona started a web series called "Z! True Long Island Story," which helped him gain a number of fans. WWE initially took notice, with him eventually capturing the United States Championship. However, his reign was short-lived, and many fans felt that WWE never truly capitalized on his popularity or abilities.

Since his release, Cardona has found success elsewhere, winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, the GCW World Championship, and the Impact Digital Media Championship, in addition to having a "cup of coffee" in All Elite Wrestling.