Willow Nightingale Reflects On Her Time In Ring Of Honor

Willow Nightingale is currently one of the rising stars of AEW's women's division, with matches this year against the likes of Jamie Hayter, Jade Cargill, and Red Velvet among many others, each time showcasing her skill and charisma inside the ring. In addition to her work for AEW, Nightingale has made numerous appearances for Ring of Honor, both before and after AEW President Tony Khan took ownership of the company. Appearing on "AEW Unrestricted," Nightingale shared some thoughts on her time spent in ROH, including some shoutouts to important figures that have helped her in her wrestling career.

"I'm very happy that I started wrestling there at the time that I did," Nightingale said. "There was a STARDOM/Women of Honor seminar that I did maybe in 2017 or 2018. All day, we did some drills, we did some practice matches." Though Nightingale didn't make it to Stardom or Ring of Honor from that seminar, she stayed in touch with ROH booker Delirious, and found herself brought in for the company's initial tapings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nightingale then met Maria Kanellis, and credits her kindness and intelligence for helping and inspiring her in her wrestling career. The AEW star shared that she was excited to debut in Ring of Honor after wrestling in SHIMMER, as she saw it as the next step in following the footsteps of her idols like Awesome Kong and Sara Del Ray.

Nightingale was officially signed to AEW in October, following an impressive victory over Leila Grey of The Baddies. It remains to be seen what exactly the future has in store for Nightingale, but with her level of charisma, it should be safe to say that there are big things ahead for the star.