MJF Takes Issue With New Piece Of AEW Merchandise

Another day in the wrestling world brings a new meme to the wrestling world. And yesterday it was that of AEW World Champion MJF, who was caught on camera this past Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming," scrambling like Ilias Chair on the counterattack as Bryan Danielson loomed large in the background. It was a photo so good that AEW star Lee Moriarty suggested he may commission an oil painting of it; for now however, he'll just have to settle for a t-shirt.

Earlier on Friday afternoon, AEW announced the release a new white t-shirt on ShopAEW, similar to the white t-shirts Danielson sports, with the only difference being the large photo of Danielson chasing MJF right in the center. It's possible MJF may have seen this one coming, as he tweeted earlier this morning a "calm" request regarding the photo, as well as other things that have been thrown in his direction recently.

"Stop posting the danielson [sic] photo," MJF tweeted. "Stop calling me maxi-pad. You guys are all crazy unoriginal and unfunny." He then added "STOP!"

As for what happened once the t-shirt came out, MJF's response was somewhere between Lyndon Dykes reacting to a missed open netter, and a child having their toy taken away after misbehaving.

"YO WHO THE HELL CLEARED THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" MJF tweeted.

Wrestling Inc. cannot confirm, at this time, who cleared this t-shirt of MJF running away from Danielson. Wrestling Inc. can confirm, however, that MJF is still AEW World Champion, following his successful, if controversial, title defense over Ricky Starks at "Winter is Coming." His next challenger is unknown, though it seems clear MJF will not be able to run away from Danielson for much longer.