Kevin Nash Compares Mandy Rose's Firing To Vince McMahon's Resignation

Last week, WWE released Mandy Rose following her 413-day reign as "NXT" Women's Champion due to the content she had been releasing on her personal FanTime page. Back in July, Vince McMahon abruptly retired due to sexual assault allegations and others that have piled up or resurfaced ever since his resignation. The only similarity between the two individuals is that neither work for WWE anymore. However, Kevin Nash had a comparison to make when it came to both departures — especially now that murmurs of McMahon thinking about a return have surfaced.

While WWE is currently a family-friendly, albeit edgy, product, multiple women posed for Playboy while with WWE across the 1990s and 2000s. "It comes down to the absolute loss on a daily basis of more and more freedoms," Nash said on "Kliq This." It's known that WWE contracts include a morality clause, something Rose may have violated, but her promoting her personal site was nothing new to WWE. They couldn't look past her more recent content, thus the abrupt title change and firing.

So, where does McMahon enter into all of this? "It wasn't like he was filming the sex acts he was having," Nash continued. "That was between consenting adults. I think it's apples and oranges." Though as for Rose, Nash only believes her actions cross a line if her wrestling attire or the "NXT" title are involved. "If she's her, and I guarantee you the check that gets paid to that person is not to the wrestling name," he added, which again brings about the question of what makes someone an independent contractor. Within WWE, there seems to be very little wiggle room.

"I think that's the thing. You're either an independent contractor or you're not," Nash declared.