Jungle Boy Reveals One Of His Favorite AEW Matches

From AEW's inception, Jungle Boy Jack Perry has been a key part of the product as one of the most popular members of the roster. The crowning moment of his career to this point has been winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships alongside his former partner turned rival, Luchasaurus. The two men held the titles for 161 days before they faced The Young Bucks at "AEW Dynamite: Road Rager" earlier this year in a ladder match, with Matt and Nick Jackson claiming the titles. 

Ultimately, that match is best remembered for the fact that Christian Cage turned on Perry. Despite that, Perry still looks at that match fondly as he tweeted highlights of the encounter while saying, "This match was overshadowed by what happened immediately after, but it was one of my favorites. Feels like a whole different world now."

Cage ended up laying out Perry with a Con-Chair-To, which took him out of action, and the two men have been feuding ever since that point. The former WWE Superstar was able to corrupt Luchasaurus as well, with the masked man having since shown a much more aggressive side to himself following that betrayal. While Perry was able to get his hands on Cage at All Out earlier this year, the fact that the veteran has been legitimately injured has stopped them from having a true blow-off match, which is likely to happen whenever he gets cleared. 

While his partnership with Luchasaurus is something of the past, it appears that Perry has found himself a brand new ally in HOOK. The FTW Champion hit the ring during "AEW Dynamite" to run off Big Bill and other members of The Firm, with the two men showcasing an unlikely connection.