Bobby Fish Names Classic Wrestling PPV He Wanted To Bring Back In AEW

Former WWE and AEW star Bobby Fish was a guest on the "Wrestling Perspective Podcast."

During the podcast, Fish spoke about how AEW should have had a Crockett Cup-style pay-per-view. The Crockett Cup first started back in 1986 and was a tournament to crown the best tag team. The NWA brought back the Crockett Cup this past March. The last event before March was in April 2019 and before that it was held in 1988.


"Um, as far as the vision like I really felt like there was room in that AEW run for a Crockett Cup-style pay-per-view," said Fish. "I think tag team wrestling is so overlooked that I believe fans would have really enjoyed the difference, the juxtaposition if you will, that it would have been to have a tag team main event, a tag team — you know pretty much through – like, tournament."

"I really feel like we have such a variety of teams, like the ones that you named. There's more, there is Trent and Rocky, Trent and Dustin, whatever combination you want to put together with those guys. I mean the list — Butcher and the Blade, yeah. I mean it goes on and on. I really felt like that was money kind of left on the table and it's unfortunate. So, I do feel like that, um I would have liked to have seen that kind of come through a little bit better than it did."


Fish's contract with AEW expired in September and was not renewed.

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