Bobby Fish Explains Why He Really Left AEW

Money makes the world go round. In the AEW animal kingdom, it keeps the bucks, bunnies, foxes, white bulls, nightingales, and dragons fed. However, it's also the reason why fish are currently extinct in the promotion.


In September 2022, it was revealed that Bobby Fish's contract with AEW had expired and was not being renewed. At the time, the veteran competitor had been off TV since August 3, 2022, after he, Adam Cole, and Kyle O'Reilly turned on the Young Bucks and ended the Undisputed Elite faction. This inactivity was due to various injuries sustained by Fish's partners, but many assumed that he would stick around until their return so they could resume the feud with The Elite. However, this did not come to pass as discussions over a new deal fell apart when the two sides failed to agree financially.

Now, the former Undisputed Era member has elaborated on his AEW departure. While speaking to "The Wrestling Perspective" podcast, Fish shared that the previous reports about money were accurate, but there were other factors in play as well. Following his WWE release, various things with his family came up including buying a house and planning a wedding. When the AEW contract arose, he jumped on the security. Although, Fish felt that he "wasn't in great headspace" and ensured that the contract was only for a year in the hopes that he could prove his worth and earn more money on the next deal. But in the end, the multi-time Tag Team Champion said, "we just didn't see things the same way."


Since then, Fish has appeared on IMPACT Wrestling and made his boxing debut while appearing on various independent wrestling shows. But once Cole and O'Reilly are healthy again, maybe there's an AEW comeback in his future.