Grayson Waller Comments On Recreating Notorious Spot For WWE NXT

Grayson Waller and "NXT" Champion Bron Breakker are on a collision course following Waller's Iron Survivor win at "NXT" Deadline over four competitors. The December 20 edition of "NXT" — which was taped on December 14 due to the holidays — ended with Breakker spearing Waller. However, Waller was able to get to his feet shortly thereafter, as it was revealed that he was wearing a steel plate under his jacket that knocked out Breakker.

It was a recreation of a famous spot from the March 29, 1999, edition of "WCW Nitro" when Goldberg speared Bret Hart but was knocked out by a steel plate underneath Hart's hockey jersey.

After the "NXT" episode, Waller tweeted a photo of his spot with Breakker accompanied by a photo of the Goldberg/Hart spot.Waller stated in his tweet: "That was for all the flops backstage at NXT that kiss Shawn Michaels ass every single day #BreakBron #WWENXT." Michaels oversees "NXT" in his role as Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

While Michaels and Hart are on good terms now, the real-life feud between the two WWE Hall of Famers is well-documented. Hart and Michaels were on opposing sides in one of the most infamous moments in pro wrestling history, the Montreal Screwjob. There also has been much discourse among wrestling fans over the years regarding which is the better performer between the two.