NXT Star Compares His WWE Tattoo To CM Punk's Pepsi Tattoo

Generally speaking, getting a tattoo of the logo of the place you work at is something that may cause a co-worker to invoke the famous "Dodgeball" quote of "That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for them." And yet, "WWE NXT" star Edris Enofe is adopting said bold strategy, getting the WWE logo tattooed on his chest, while also talking about potentially getting the "NXT" logo tattooed on his neck.


To very little shock, Enofe has gotten a polarizing reaction for his tattoo choices, and he has chosen not to back down, but to double down on the subject, as he did on Twitter earlier Wednesday afternoon. "There's nothing wrong with getting branded tattoos!!" Enofe tweeted. "I get a WWE Tattoo and y'all wanna clown me. Others get a Pepsi tattoo and y'all don't say nothing..okay." While there are surely many individuals out there sporting a Pepsi tattoo, it is likely Enofe is referring to injured/in limbo AEW star CM Punk, who has sported a tattoo of the Pepsi logo on his right shoulder for many years. There is of course a bit of a difference in Punk sporting the Pepsi globe, as the former AEW World Champion has never worked for Pepsi, and got the tattoo because he was a fan of the soft drink.


Prior to this story, Enofe was best known for his critiques on Mandy Rose and Kenny Omega's V-Trigger move, as well as his work with tag team partner Malik Blade, with the duo recently graduating to "WWE Main Event" on December 12. Wrestling Inc. cannot confirm at this time whether Blade has gotten a matching tattoo to go with Enofe's.