Booker T Names Top AEW Champions He Wants To See In WWE

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time world champion Booker T has taken a look at the AEW roster and has identified two wrestlers that he believes would be much better off in WWE. On his podcast "The Hall of Fame," Booker said a move to WWE would put Jade Cargill on a bigger stage.

"She's kind of like under the radar, you know what I mean?" he said. "She's not in the big belt picture. She's like on her own wing . . . It's not like she's really in the division."

Booker added that "he doesn't think about Jade Cargill that much," but he also referred to her as a "specimen" and as someone "who has WWE written all over her."

However, Cargill might beg to differ with Booker's assertion. Speaking last month on "The Breakfast Club," Cargill said she had a choice between signing with WWE or AEW and chose the latter because of how Khan treated his talent, especially prioritizing their mental health.

Jade wasn't the only talent, Booker repeated his belief that AEW's current World Champion, MJF, should also cross over to WWE.

"People always say, 'Why is Booker T always putting MJF over?'" he said. "Because, damn it, I want him in the WWE."

This is essentially what Booker said two months ago when he said on his podcast, "I wish we had more guys like MJF out there." Part of MJF's current storyline in AEW revolves around the fact that MJF's contract is due to expire in 2024, and he has been pointedly suggesting on AEW television that he's thinking of signing with WWE.