Titus O'Neil Praises Fellow WWE Stars For Their Charity Work

WWE ambassador Titus O'Neil is heavily involved in charity work, and he told "WWE's The Bump" that it has "been amazing" this year from that perspective. 

"Every year that I've been with the company we seemingly shine brighter," he said. "I think it's because it's just been embraced by so many of our WWE Superstars and realizing their ability to really make positive change, both inside and outside of the ring."

Wrestlers tend to focus on winning titles and climbing up the card, which O'Neil believes should be the case, but "in the realm of work," as they have the ability to do so much more outside the ring. He took the time to single out two WWE Superstars for the work they have done this year.

"We are heroes to many and an inspiration to so many, and we can put out positive messages, whether it be on social media or through our Be A Star rallies," O'Neil said. "You've got folks like Sami Zayn who is doing amazing work with his charity, Bayley has done her holiday event for the last couple of years. People utilizing their resources and their platform to go out and change the world, that's what we have the ability to do in the WWE."

2022 has been a chaotic year for WWE with Vince McMahon retiring, but O'Neil made it clear he is "very proud" of not only the company, but the new leadership team in Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, who he believes has "done an excellent job in this transition of leading us into this new phase of what a WWE Superstar should be."

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