Sami Zayn Reveals What He Would Be Doing If He Wasn't A Wrestler

2022 was a significant year for many pro wrestlers, but few can say they saw a career rejuvenation like Sami Zayn. But what if Zayn had hung up the boots earlier in his career, back when it appeared as though he was stuck in the mid-card? In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Zayn opened up about his passions outside of WWE, and how they would have influenced his career choice if he didn't pursue pro wrestling.

"I would have gone into teaching and something in the humanities," Zayn said. "English teachers were the only ones that didn't hate me. They were the only ones who saw my potential. Math teachers, they were always fed up with me." Of course, the prospect of becoming a teacher of sorts is still possible for Zayn while with WWE. It's common for superstars that have transitioned out of the ring to move on to backstage roles, like Tyson Kidd, Jamie Noble, and Jason Jordan have. "Even now, my days are somewhat numbered as an in-ring performer," Zayn explained. "There is still meaning to me in passing on the knowledge I've been able to accrue over the past 20 years now."

For the time being, Zayn remains a prominent part of WWE and The Bloodline faction alongside Solo Sikoa, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Paul Heyman, and their leader Roman Reigns. Glimpses of Zayn's future as a coach can be seen through Sikoa's performances, as Sikoa has mentioned that Zayn and The Bloodline are doing their best to help get the most out of his first main roster matches. Zayn's next scheduled WWE appearance takes place on the pre-Christmas episode of "WWE SmackDown." He'll be in The Usos' corner for their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match against Hit Row.