Sami Zayn Explains Why His WWE Storyline With The Bloodline Is Working

For the past two years, The Bloodline has run WWE. Roman Reigns is the WWE Universal Undisputed Champion. Meanwhile, his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso, are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Solo Sikoa may still be fresh off of "NXT," but he's acted as the faction's enforcer ever since his arrival. Yet for months, they've also had a helping hand from perhaps the unlikeliest of sources: Sami Zayn. And lately, no matter what he says or does, it's working.


In September, he was officially accepted and acknowledged by the Tribal Chief himself as the Honorary Uce. Then at Survivor Series WarGames, he proved his loyalty to The Bloodline yet again — at the expense of his lifelong best friend Kevin Owens — ultimately earning the appreciation and affirmation of Jey Uso after months of being at odds. A "We want Sami" chant broke out in Saudi Arabia ahead of the championship bout between Reigns and Logan Paul. "Sami Uso" chants have become commonplace. So, why is it all working? In short, because everyone is committed to their role — none more so, perhaps, than Zayn himself.

"It's a full-blown commitment to what I'm doing," he told Sports Illustrated. "That's the best answer I can give." After 20 years in the industry, 2022 has served as something of a breakout for the former "NXT" Champion. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to making the fans care — even if there are some unexpected twists and turns along the way "Some of these things weren't predicted to work as they did," Zayn continued. "I don't mean to get too philosophical with wrestling theory, but it extends to everything we're doing. You have to put value on it, or else you can't ask the fans to give you that value in return."


Sami Zayn Only Wants to Give His All

At WrestleMania 38, Zayn took on Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass gang in what can only be referred to as the epitome of sports entertainment. Then just a handful of months later, he's helping Reigns and his family maintain their dominance at WarGames. It's all coming up golden, even if certain elements have seemed a bit farfetched. "It's hard to articulate it, but some of these moments might not sound right on paper," he continued. "Maybe some people felt that way during the Johnny Knoxville match with the Jackass guys at WrestleMania, or in my acceptance with The Bloodline, but for me, it's all about treating every moment with importance."


Zayn once again noted that if what he's doing isn't important to him, then there's no reason the fans should care either. Yet the care is there, and every step of the way it's been matched by enthusiasm from the WWE universe. From his brief program with Paul to a few interactions with Brock Lesnar, it's all begun to click. And the last thing he's here to do is take all of the credit, especially when it comes to The Bloodline. "The Bloodline thing isn't working just because of me," Zayn declared. "It's everyone's commitment to it. That's what is making it so interesting and so enjoyable."

Once more, it all comes back to the care that goes into it. Every step of the way, they've put their best foot forward, and that's all he hopes to do every single time out.


Professional Wrestling is Zayn's Livelihood

On the surface, it might be difficult to see how someone like Zayn has been able to fit in with The Bloodline as the months have gone on. From getting Reigns or the Usos to break on-screen to his special handshake with Jimmy or the hug heard 'round the world with Jey, though, he believes that this story has developed in a very relatable way. "Part of why the cheers rolled in for me with The Bloodline quicker than I expected, to be honest, is because it's so earnest," he continued. "You can see the desire to be with these people is genuine. It's a very relatable story, but not in an unattainable way. You're finally hanging out with the cool kids, and you realize they're not that different."


As of now, this story has led to the former Intercontinental Champion being must-see television every week. If there is a segment involving The Bloodline, there's a good chance it's going to involve Zayn as well. And while he is no Reigns, "Sami Uso" has shown that he's entirely capable of bringing his special formula to the table. "On paper, maybe people would think I don't fit in on the top of the card. But I believe I'm pretty good at this," Zayn declared while noting the struggle that is balancing self-confidence with delusion.

"From an early age, even when I wasn't that good, my performances stood out. Even in the church basement in front of 60 people in Montreal, it worked." If the last few months are anything to go by, Zayn knows what works, and it seems as though everyone else is along for the ride.