Ric Flair Explains His Problem With Eric Bischoff

The ongoing tension between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff has been ratcheted up a notch — again — as the "Nature Boy" recently dissed the outspoken producer for what he viewed as questionable actions three decades ago when both were part of WCW.


Speaking on his "To Be The Man" podcast, Flair recalled himself being "the eighteenth highest paid employee in the company" and cited how Bischoff named several other talent who were perceived as bigger stars while sarcastically adding "I'll go so far as to say in the 90s, Ric Flair and the Horsemen were the sh*ts, if that makes him feel better."

Flair then cited comments made by Bischoff in the upcoming Peacock documentary "Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair" and tried to juxtapose them against what he perceived as Bischoff's attitude toward him in their WCW days.

"Hopefully, he can explain to me why a guy that meant nothing to the company, according to him –- had no value [and] was replaced by so many different people ... why he chose me to make an example of rather than someone like Scott Steiner or the guys that didn't go to take drug tests or why guys didn't show up for our shows. Just why pick me?"


Flair further pondered the entire situation by asking, "What purpose did it serve to make an example of me and try to break me for taking my son to the AU nationals for a secondary show called 'Thunder' that nobody went to?"

Whether Bischoff will return Flair's volley is still up in the air. Earlier this week, Bischoff stated that if Flair "wants to face-to-face just kind of talk this thing through and figure out where it's all coming from and why — and look, if I owe Ric an apology for something I said — I'm happy to do that."