Former WWE Writer Describes The Hardest Part Of Working For Vince McMahon

Christopher Scoville (better known as Jimmy Jacobs) has been working within professional wrestling since the late 1990s, and at only 38 years old, has crossed plenty of promotions off his list. In the ring, he's best known for his 12-year stint with Ring of Honor, where he captured the ROH World Tag Team Championship on five occasions. He's also won championship gold in NWA, PWG, PWF, wXw, XICW, and countless others.


Outside of the ring, Jacobs also spent two years as a writer for WWE, and may be best remembered for his work with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens leading to the Festival of Friendship. But in 2017, Jacobs was fired by WWE. Currently a producer for Impact Wrestling, the experience as a whole really wore Jacobs down. It always came back to Vince McMahon, who notably had the final say on everything that was being produced. Even still, that wasn't the most difficult thing about being around him.

"Navigating Vince was the hardest part for me," Jacobs said on "The Insiders with Conrad Thompson." "There's a certain way you have to talk to Vince or what you say doesn't matter. There's a certain way you have to look for Vince to take you seriously. And so it's all those things that I didn't line up with." Due to the seemingly never-ending process of getting things and subsequent changes approved, Jacobs was left stunned at the consistent level of production WWE maintained. And yet, despite whatever whim McMahon had or the endless last-minute changes, the team pulled it off. "Somehow this show went on," he continued. "The train never fell off the tracks, and that was a testament to the production — Kevin Dunn and his truck — and the performers being very good at their jobs.