Jimmy Jacobs Describes The Main Misconception Of WWE Writers

Whenever fans have complaints about storytelling in pro wrestling, particularly in WWE, many are quick to blame the writing team for the issues they have with a character, promo, or storyline. However, at least in terms of the previous regime under Vince McMahon, a common misconception is that these creative types have more say in how the product is presented. And now Jimmy Jacobs is clearing the air.

The former WWE producer and independent wrestling veteran recently appeared on Conrad Thompson's podcast "The Insiders" to discuss his time on WWE's creative team. After putting over his former co-workers by praising their intelligence for the business, he revealed the working dynamics in the company. But contrary to popular belief, the writers' primary function was to be "advisors to the king and not making the decisions or getting their stuff in."

Since the former chairman had the final say on how stories and characters were presented to their audience, the team couldn't get too attached to their ideas. Using current AEW star Jon Moxley as an example, the Zombie Princess said that the writers might have chosen a different path for the multi-time champion than the "goofy" version of Dean Ambrose that hung around with Mitch the Plant. "That was Vince seeing Dean a certain way," he said "[It's] not the writers, that's Vince's vision."

It's important to note that Jacobs was explicitly speaking about working under McMahon. With Triple H now serving as the company's Chief Content Officer, there's been a shift towards a more team-centric dynamic. The Game previously told Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, "I do not dream for one second that I can fill those shoes by myself. It's going to take a lot of us, it's going to take a team."