Beth Phoenix And Brandi Rhodes Discuss The Possibility Of Their Children Wrestling

The pro wrestling industry is no stranger to second, third, and even fourth generations of talent. Cody Rhodes is a second generation talent himself, and there's always the possibility of his daughter continuing the Rhodes legacy. This was a topic of discussion during a recent episode of the "2 Truths and 1 Lie" podcast hosted by Brandi Rhodes.


During the eighth episode of the show, Rhodes talked to WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix about their experiences as mothers in the wrestling world. When asked what Phoenix's daughters thought of watching her and Edge team up at the 2022 Royal Rumble, Phoenix explained that their oldest is much more introverted. Being inside an arena with thousands of fans to watch them take bumps made her feel anxious. Meanwhile, their youngest was a "firecracker" and was about to fall over the railing while cheering them on, perhaps showing signs of "catching the wrestling bug."

Should Phoenix's kids want to pursue wrestling, she would be supportive. "It's one of those things where I know there's a lot of pressure for kids that come from families with a legacy, as you know. And I would hope that they can find fun in it and not feel like they have to do it to live up to anything," Phoenix said. "If it's what they want to do, we would support them in it."


On the other hand, Rhodes does not want their daughter getting involved with the industry. "I am terrified of [Liberty] wanting to wrestle because I see what my parents went through, because this was not something that was a long time coming. It was just all of a sudden, 'Woah, wait, what? This is what she's doing?'" Rhodes recalled. Ultimately, she described wrestling as a "bear" and that "there's a lot to unfold with it."