Backstage Update On Nick Aldis' Contract Status

Nick Aldis is now a free agent according to a report from PWInsider, as his contract with the National Wrestling Alliance came to an end at midnight last night, meaning he is now free to take bookings and work wherever he likes. 


This was backed up by a tweet from his wife, Mickie James, as she responded to his tweet with a picture of them by saying, "Welcome to the world of Free Agency baby!!! Onwards and upwards. Side by side. #HouseOfAldis"

Aldis sharing the picture with the caption, "2023," certainly hinted and teased the idea of the husband and wife duo potentially working together somewhere, whether that be in IMPACT Wrestling, the independent scene, or another company. Aldis has previously said that he believes he can "add value" to any promotion in the business, and he was previously wanted by AEW. 

Of course, he spent several years working for the NWA and is a previous two-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, spending a combined 1,309 days holding the title — placing him the sixth-longest reigning title holder in history for combined reigns. However, his time with the company ended bitterly after he publicly announced he would be leaving, which led to Billy Corgan suspending Aldis and removing him from the NWA Hard Times PPV as the two men went on a public argument via various interviews and social media posts. Aldis labeled NWA as a "toxic brand" at one stage, while Corgan has claimed that the Englishman will "have a tough time" in the business post-NWA.