Backstage Update On The Young Bucks' AEW Contract Status

The Young Bucks have been back on All Elite Wrestling programming for nearly two months now — but for how much longer? Their AEW contracts have been the subject of much confusion, and a new report from Fightful Select suggests they could be up for renewal.

According to the report, Matt and Nick Jackson have been in discussions with AEW for new contracts. Although no details have emerged from the negotiations, word of them has spread through the AEW locker room. The specifics of the Bucks' current AEW contract are also murky — back in 2019, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Cody Rhodes and the Bucks had signed five-year deals with the company. But seeing as Rhodes left early in 2022 and returned to WWE, that figure seems dubious. Adding to the confusion is a clip from the 173rd episode of "Being The Elite," where Kenny Omega, the Bucks' partner in The Elite, describes their contracts as being four years long. If Fightful is correct and the Bucks' contracts do, in fact, expire in 2023, four years could be the more accurate figure. As for the direction of the Bucks' contract negotiations, it appears they may not be going the way of Rhodes. According to the Fightful report, the contracts being discussed would keep the Bucks in AEW for "quite some time" if pen does end up being put to paper.

The Bucks will be absent from tonight's revamped "AEW Dynamite," but they'll be back next week, alongside Omega, to finish their seven-match series with Death Triangle for the AEW World Trios Championships. Fightful's report contained no new information regarding Omega's contract with AEW.