Winner Of AEW's Death Triangle/Elite Series Reportedly Not Set In Stone

All Elite Wrestling is less than a week away from the finals of the World Trios Championship Best-of-Seven-Series between the reigning champions Penta El Zero M, Rey Fenix, and PAC, and the once-disgraced former champions Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. The teams are tied at three wins apiece and will meet in Los Angeles in a Ladder Match. Who that will be is reportedly still being decided.


"There are differences of opinion over who should win match seven," Dave Meltzer said on the latest episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio." According to Meltzer, establishing new belts means that a win for The Elite win is needed. 

"You really want really big stars to have those belts," Meltzer continued. "A championship that's being established without really big stars, there's a million belts, it's gonna mean nothing, especially with the six-man which has been a struggle."

Meltzer believes fans are not conditioned to the idea of a trios title, citing WWE's lack of a six-man tag division as the reasoning.

"I saw it in Dallas [WCCW] and I saw it in WCW and I've seen it in Mexico," Meltzer noted. "But most people who watch American wrestling fans have not seen it, and Dallas was decades ago and when Crockett had them it was The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes and big, big stars and that's why it meant something." 


Meltzer doesn't think that Death Triangle's PAC, Penta, and Fenix are big enough stars to establish the young belts. "It could go either way. I think Tony wants The Young Bucks to win but I don't know that 100%."

Death Triangle has been AEW World Trios Champions since September 7, winning the titles after Omega and The Young Bucks were forced to vacate the titles in the wake of their involvement in the infamous locker room brawl that followed All Out.