EJ Nduka Confirmed To Already Be A Free Agent

Earlier today, reports were coming in that multiple wrestling promotions were interested in EJ Nduka, whose contract with MLW was said to be expiring in the near future. However, that's not entirely the case, as those with interest can start lining up to speak with him now. Nduka is officially a free agent as of January 1, per Fightful Select, who confirmed details of his since-ended deal with both Nduka and MLW. As for any attempts to work out a possible extension for Nduka to stay involved in MLW, things were less clear if anything like that was in the works or even a possibility.  


In his time with MLW, "The Judge" captured the MLW World Tag Team Championship, the first taste of championship gold he's had in his wrestling career. Alongside Calvin Tankman, their team — Hustle and Power — has held the titles for over 310 days. Additionally, he has also picked up victories over the likes of Adrian Quest and Ikuro Kwan and recently challenged Alexander Hammerstone in October for the MLW World Championship in what was clearly his biggest match in the promotion; he failed to win that contest. 

Prior to working for MLW, Nduka was signed to WWE and worked two "WWE NXT" house shows for the company under the name Ezra Judge — from which he transferred his current nickname. Nduka never was granted the opportunity to wrestle on television, despite having been a part of its developmental system for a few years. There was also a situation with former WWE referee Drake Wuertz that leaked out about the two men nearly getting physical on one occasion backstage. There has been no indication as to if WWE is one of the interested parties in Nduka's talents and services.