Arn Anderson Has Theory About Why Mat Wrestling Is Better Than Aerial

There are few things wrestling fans love more than a good argument. For example, there's the seemingly never-ending debate between good old fashioned mat wrestling and the high-flying aerial style. Now it's no surprise that Arn Anderson, a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the original members of The Four Horsemen, favors grappling over taking to the air. That said, he has a very specific reason as to why.

"I've always had this theory you can't win a match in the air, you gotta win it on the mat," Anderson said on "The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling." "So there's a place for mat wrestling." For Anderson, it's all about maximizing your skillset and playing to your strengths. Not everyone is going to have the ability to perform a moonsault, and that's okay. He also believes that if you try to force an aerial style on yourself without having the proper skills to do so, you're setting yourself up for a short career. That's not to say there isn't a place for the aerial style of wrestling, however.

"It's okay to put a high spot in here and there, and do a dive when it matters," he continued, before stressing that it has to make sense. "If it don't make sense, you're just taking a risk." Anderson also believes that nowadays, mat wrestlers are actually in the minority as opposed to the high-flyers. When he worked for WWE, he'd ask the high-flyers he worked with to only do certain moves if they could be done better than Rey Mysterio. But in general, he had one piece of advice. "Don't do what you can't do," he added. "What you can do, do well."

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