Major Updates On FTR's AEW Status, Contract Expiration Date & Future

While the wrestling world is currently in the grips of Vince McMahon and his return to power, it's easy to forget that another big story is looming this year, the free agency of FTR. The duo have made it clear that their contracts with AEW are expiring this April, and no one, including themselves, knows what's going to happen. Sadly though, it seems fans will be seeing a lot less of FTR in the meantime. In the latest episode of his podcast FTR with Dax, Dax Harwood revealed that he and Cash Wheeler will be taking some time to consider their next move.


"We have asked and been granted the next few months off of television, so we can sit back, reflect, let our bodies heal, and figure out what we are going to do for the next few years," Harwood said. "Because whatever we decide to do next, will be the absolute last thing we do, as far as wrestling. I don't see myself, after I'm done with whatever we're going to decide next, in five years going on the independents. I don't see myself working, in five years a Japan tour, or a Mexican tour, or traveling around the world and wrestling all over places."

"That's why these next few months are the most important few months for us. By April at least, at most, we will have an answer. But now, again, I have to take in my health, I have to take in my family, I have to take in my creativity, and I have to take in my personal life all into consideration, about what we're going to do next."


Dax Harwood Says FTR Will Make Decision Together

Dax Harwood went on to state that he wasn't sure if FTR would be returning to AEW TV before their deals expired, and also admitted that a lot of things will factor into their decision, including the recent corporate turmoil going on in WWE.


"I'd be lying to you if I said no, it doesn't at all. Of course it does," Harwood said. "But also ... If I feel like we aren't being respected the way I think we should, and I mean as entities and characters, what we've done, what we've accomplished, and who we are, I will not hesitate to explore other options. Whether those other options are taking a year off and doing things we love, that could be it. Whether those options are being presented to me in other forms? There's a lot of things I have to weigh."

One thing Harwood can confirm is that a decision will only be made when he and partner Cash Wheeler are in absolute lockstep. The duo, who Harwood described as never having an argument or cross word with each other, will be sitting down to discuss things soon, including opportunities outside of the ring. "I'll put this out there, we're looking into buildings for a pro wrestling school as well," Harwood said. "That's one of our things we want to open up. We also have ideas for more real estate together, and also for a future coffee shop. So there's a lot of things we're going to be talking about for the next few months. But, at the top of the list, is our future."


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