Stephanie McMahon And Triple H's Thoughts On WWE Sale Reportedly Revealed

Vince McMahon has set the wrestling world on its ear once again. McMahon returned to WWEs board last week — in a letter to board members, McMahon shared his opinion that the company was in need of his return going into negotiations for a new media rights deal and the possibility of a sale. Earlier this week, despite having previously expressed their unanimous disapproval of McMahon's return to the company, the board voted unanimously to reinstate him as executive chairman. The previous executive chairman and co-CEO, Stephanie McMahon, has resigned from her position in WWE, despite previous assurances from the company that nothing about management would change. WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque, Stephanie's husband, was one of those board members who voted to reinstate McMahon, but a new report from Axios claims that both Levesque and Stephanie opposed the idea of WWE being sold.

McMahon left WWE back in July in the midst of investigations into payments made to ex-employees in an effort to keep sexual misconduct and harassment accusations against him hidden. On top of leaving his roles as Chairman and CEO of WWE, McMahon also walked away from being in charge of the creative team. With McMahon back in the picture, many have wondered if his ultimate goal is to find his way back on creative, but it does seem that the company is actively pursuing a sale. Meanwhile, McMahon could be looking at a potential class action lawsuit from shareholders, who are alleging breach of fiduciary duty.