Michelle McCool Pours Cold Water On WWE Royal Rumble Rumors

It's Royal Rumble season which means wrestlers are declaring themselves for the annual matches regularly on "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," and it also means that the rumor mill is swirling regarding what surprise appearances could be taking place in both the men's and women's matches. However, one name that fans might be able to cross off the list is former Women's Champion, Michelle McCool. 


McCool took to Twitter on Monday to pour cold water on any rumors regarding herself being in the match as she replied to several fans who were excited about that possibility. She tweeted, "I do wish!!!! Didn't get the call.....take it up with @WWE." 

She made it clear throughout her tweets that being involved in the match is something she'd have been open to it, but McCool may still end up being in attendance next Saturday as she said, "Sadly wasn't asked this year! It is near my home so will prob still be there....just wandering aimlessly in the audience."

McCool is someone who has popped up as a surprise in two previous Rumble matches (2018 & 2022) and she has never officially retired from in-ring competition. The former LayCool member has previously pushed the idea that she'd like to mix things up with current "WWE Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair at some point as she enjoys working with the newer talent during her cameo appearances. 


Of course, someone about to make a surprise appearance in a Rumble match would want to put people off the scent, so it remains to be seen if McCool's tweets are simply a red herring. However, fans can expect to see her husband, The Undertaker, on WWE television next week as he is one of the legends confirmed for the "Raw Is XXX" event.