Santino Marella Gives Update On Relationship With WWE

While Santino Marella may have been recently named Impact Wrestling's new Director of Authority at Hard to Kill, that doesn't mean his relationship with WWE has soured. 

"I have a very good relationship with WWE and we chat sometimes," Marella said on "The Drew Van Auken Show." "The thing is that I'm Canadian, so to bring me in for a one-off, they have to get a work visa. So it's like 'Man, are we going to spend $5,000 to bring him in for one day?'"

Marella further expressed his desire to do something in the company with his daughter "WWE NXT" star Arianna Grace, when she makes the move to either "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown." But he stated that he wouldn't revert back to being a full-time performer for the company.

"My life is so perfectly balanced right now," Marella said. "I wouldn't gamble that, man. I just can't gamble that. To go on the road 50 weeks a year, even if it's for one day. If I had what I call the Booker T schedule where you fly in and do commentary, then fly home, that's still every week. You're still flying out every Sunday, working every Monday, and flying home every Tuesday. I really like this schedule."

"The Milan Miracle" spent a little over a decade in the company and is a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a one-time United States Champion, and a one-time Tag Team Champion alongside Vladimir Kozlov.

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