Backstage News On If Mark Briscoe Will Appear For AEW

The wrestling world is still coming to terms with the loss of Jay Briscoe, and it was revealed last week that Tony Khan wasn't able to do a tribute show on "AEW Dynamite" because Warner Brothers Discovery wouldn't allow it. This is also why The Briscoes have never appeared on AEW television, despite being signed to a contract with Khan's ROH. 

Unfortunately, that is not going to change for Mark Briscoe as a singles star, as"Wrestling Observer Radio" reports that WBD will still not allow him to appear on AEW programming. While it was noted that this situation could potentially change, as it stands, Mark is not expected to be joining the AEW roster at any point in the future. The reason for this is seemingly the same as why The Briscoes couldn't appear as a tag team, that being homophobic tweets made by Jay back in 2013. Despite Jay apologizing for the tweets and by most accounts having made a sincere effort to be on better terms with the LGBTQ+ community since, WBD is apparently still not ready to let the issue go.

In better news, there have been positive updates regarding Jay's daughters, who were also involved in his fatal car accident. They have both been making improvements, and were able to spend a little time together in the hospital. Meanwhile, Mark is also said to be holding up well, according to a friend of the family. Despite WBD not allowing a tribute show for Jay as part of "AEW Dynamite," one was shot after the episode finished for ROH, which is going to be put up for free on both Honor Club and ROH's YouTube channel, and further tributes are expected at upcoming ROH events.