Tony Khan Explains How Mark Briscoe's AEW Dynamite Match Came Together

Following the untimely passing of Jay Briscoe, the professional wrestling world pushed for his brother, Mark, to appear on AEW television, and it appears that AEW CEO Tony Khan did as well.

Initial reports confirmed that Warner Bros. Discovery — the parent company of both TBS and TNT — was adamantly against the Briscoes appearing on AEW programming due to homophobic tweets made by Jay in 2013 which he later addressed and apologized for. In turn, AEW was also hindered in airing a tribute show for Jay Briscoe last Wednesday on "Dynamite." Instead, Khan assembled a tribute show to air on the Honor Club streaming service, and Ring of Honor's YouTube channel.

Despite pushback from WBD, Khan confirmed that he "fought hard" to ensure Mark Briscoe had a chance to honor his brother. On Wednesday night's "Dynamite," Mark will take on longtime friend and rival Jay Lethal, as requested by the two men.

"I'm really excited about the match," Khan told "Battleground Podcast." "I believe it's gonna be a great one and I think it's great they're gonna be able to honor the legacy of somebody that everybody in pro wrestling has so much respect for, the great Jay Briscoe. On his 39th birthday, this Wednesday night 'Dynamite' on TBS, and with everything happening, this is gonna be something really great for everybody in the locker room who is rallying around the Briscoe family."

Khan also recalled the "shock" he experienced upon word of Jay's passing but said "it's a beautiful thing" that "everybody can come together on Wednesday night 'Dynamite' and honor the life and legacy of Jay Briscoe."

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