The Miz Praises Former WWE Executive

Since Stephanie McMahon announced her departure from the WWE following the return of her father Vince McMahon, many have come to speak about their delight and fond memories of the former Co-CEO

Among the many names Stephanie has impacted throughout her life working with the WWE in numerous roles was The Miz, who spoke with TMZ Sports about her resignation, calling her someone he always felt he could go to discuss things with.

The Miz revealed how heavily involved Stephanie was in his big break with the WWE, revealing that she ultimately gave the green light for The Miz and John Morrison's "Dirt Sheet" online show. The breakthrough show aired on and its YouTube Channel, giving Miz and Morrison the chance to establish themselves as household names, and showcase their characters outside of WWE television. 

According to Miz, the duo pitched Stephanie the idea during her time as Head of WWE Creative and she loved it, giving them the "freedom to do it" however they'd like. The Miz highlighted how this show ended up creating WWE's YouTube channel into what it is today, as the channel's first weekly show that Stephanie was "the reason for."

Stephanie was also responsible for starting Connor's Cure, dedicated to pediatric cancer research after being inspired by Connor Michalek, the first-ever recipient of the WWE Warrior Award. The Miz praised Stephanie for her involvement in creating the charity, detailing how he's continued to raise money for the foundation since she established it, calling her a "really good person" who's done "a lot for the company."

Despite Stephanie leaving WWE, The Miz said that he and everybody in the company are excited about the future of WWE, using WrestleMania 39 being sold out as a measuring stick to showcase the company's current success.