Backstage News On Who's Been Playing Uncle Howdy

Since Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE back in October of last year, he has had to deal with Uncle Howdy, a masked menace who has been trying to throw him off his path to being a better human being. Wyatt was even attacked by Uncle Howdy during the December 30 episode of "WWE SmackDown." Now, an update on who has been playing the Uncle Howdy character on WWE TV has surfaced.

For weeks, fans have wondered about the identity of the masked character. Earlier this month, it was reported that WWE was keeping things quiet in terms of who was playing the role of Uncle Howdy, even in the backstage area. However, Fightful Select has followed up on this with a new report, noting that Bo Dallas has been the one portraying the character as of late. The report also mentions that Dallas is in town for Royal Rumble weekend.

Given that Dallas is Wyatt's younger brother, many speculated that he was indeed the one donning the mask, and last week saw PWInsider outright state that Dallas was playing the character. Some fans had theorized, however, that former four-time ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Vincent could be under the Uncle Howdy attire, instead, but that now appears to be definitively untrue.

Wyatt is scheduled to have a Pitch Black match against LA Knight at the Royal Rumble premium live event on January 28. This will be Wyatt's first televised match since returning to WWE (Wyatt did have a short match against Jinder Mahal during a Madison Square Garden event as part of WWE's Holiday Tour in late 2022, but it wasn't televised) and it would be surprising to if Uncle Howdy wasn't involved in that match, as well as another match involving former Wyatt cohort Alexa Bliss.