Dominik Mysterio Wishes Eddie Guerrero Had Won Custody Of Him

Newly prison-hardened Dominik Mysterio, son of Rey Mysterio, saw Eddie Guerrero like an uncle before his sudden passing in November 2005 and had been revealed in a storyline to be Dom's biological father a few months earlier. Dominik has been modeling himself more and more on the late Guerrero.


"I feel like I've always been drawn to Eddie, whether it's early 90s Eddie, WCW Eddie, or it's 'I'm your papi' Eddie," he told Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, "and to me, any Eddie is the best Eddie and he's just the top of the top to me and anything I do is in his honor, man — the mullet, everything. So for me, yeah. He's the man." Hausman asked Dominik if he wished Guerrero had won the infamous ladder match for the custody of Dominik.

"Yeah, 100%," he said. "And I mean, WWE storyline, he is my dad. So, man. I would've loved to have gone home with Uncle Eddie at this point, right? I feel like we would've had a really good dynamic at home."

Dominik says he never imagined that he would end up a WWE superstar but thinks that his uncle and his father incepted the idea into Dominik's head. "I always tell people, I feel like Eddie and my dad slowly planted that seed of me becoming a wrestler without me even knowing when I was eight in that storyline."


Like his storyline father, Mysterio is currently embroiled in a feud with Rey, attacking him backstage at the Royal Rumble, removing Rey from the match, and stealing his iconic mask in the process.